A Few Years Ago…

   A few years ago, my partner Paul and I were wondering what actions we could take to slow down climate change.  We decided our next car would be a hybrid and we would put photovoltaic cells on our roof.  We were able to accomplish both of these actions, but we didn’t feel we were doing enough.  When we saw a poster saying, “Do you want to lose 5,000 pounds from your carbon footprint?” we signed up.  The subsequent Low Carbon Diet Discussion Group, led by David Coale, helped us trim 5,000 pounds each from our carbon footprints, and it felt good to be doing these actions with the support of a group rather than just individually.

Now I and other Transition Palo Alto members lead Low Carbon Diet discussion groups. If you would like to join a discussion group in the future, please check out the www.TransitionPaloAlto.org website.

Annette Isaacson